STS Logistics became one of the finalists of the rating

STS Logistics was among the finalists of the Logistic Chain Performance Rating 2018 (LCPR). An independent free rating was conducted for the first time among transport and logistics companies operating in the Russian market. The rating is based on a transparent, participatory assessment system and a cross-checking system.

50 transport and logistics companies expressed their readiness to provide information on activities for the Logistic Chain Performance Rating 2018. The participants of the rating provided detailed information on the list of rendered services, staffing of their companies, management technologies, KPI for several months, and held face-to-face interviews. The collected information allowed to form the first reliability rating of logistics companies. The finalists included seven companies that provided the most complete data on their activities.

"Participation in the ranking of Logistic Chain Performance Rating - an opportunity for transport and logistics companies to demonstrate and compare the level of expertise available. Of course, the rating participants were in a difficult situation. Data for the rating had to be provided in the specified uniform format. In conditions when each company has its own peculiarities of consolidating operational and commercial information, this was accompanied by certain difficulties. Despite this, Logistic Chain Performance Rating has good potential. The development and development of such a rating is a serious step towards the formation of uniform standards for assessing the participants in the logistics market and increasing the level of logistics services, "noted Business Development Director of STS Logistics Victoria Butskikh, who was recognized by the founders of the rating for the high level of managerial potential in logistics in the process preparation of data for Logistic Chain Performance Rating 2018.

As Natasha Shlenova noted, the project manager Logistic Chain Performance Rating 2018: "The reliability rating of transport-logistic LCPR 2018 is a unique project for the industry, because for the first time market participants were evaluated not through financial success, but through professionalism, manufacturability and real team experience. In these methodological conditions, there is a "ruthless", but honest audit of logistics operators. So an open ecosystem of the logistics market is formed, in which all interactions between the participants become more efficient. "