We have learned a lot of experience from 2020 and we convinced that our team can overcome any crises and unexpected turns very successfully.

Natalia Alexandrovna, tell us your story of choosing logistics as the main professional direction in life?

To be honest, there was one case which helped me. After the taking graduating from the university, I decided to try myself at the interviews in the several foreign companies, and one of them was the Japanese forwarding company "ITS Japan Limited". I successfully passed the interview and then I was immediately offered a position in the company. This is how my way in logistics began, which continues in a current time, which I am very happy about. Of course, this is not the easiest business, but it is very interesting and diverse.

In which areas of business STS Logistics has already firmly established its leadership position in the competitive market?

One of the competitive advantages of our company is the ability to offer and provide a comprehensive logistics service. In addition to traditional freight forwarding, STS Logistics can make a customs clearance, place the goods in its warehouse, perform the necessary manipulations with the goods, deliver them to the delivery points. Of course, this complete approach is convenient for our clients. Among the directions, we can mention multimodal transportation, warehouse logistics, customs clearance, but in general, by my opinion, our company occupies a leading position in the market as a universal provider of logistics services.

We all understand the negative aspects of the pandemic. But is there anything positive that you have learned from 2020?

We have learned a lot of experience from 2020 and convinced that our team can overcome any crises and unexpected turns very successfully. The year of 2020, despite all the challenges and difficulties of forecasting, as a result, was very successful for the company in financial terms.

By your opinion, what innovative technologies will need to be implemented to STS Logistics in the next couple of years?

The company is constantly working with development of internal operating system that helps us work more efficiently. We listen to our customers and try, first of all, to meet their wishes in terms of digitalization, automatic transfer of orders, cargo tracking. In the coming years, we plan to continue this work and implement several solutions both inside the company's operating system and for use by our customers.

Does the company plan to expand its professional activity by cooperation with the B2C sector?

Our company plans to develop in the E-commerce sector, we offer clients a fulfillment and courier delivery service. In this sector the recipients of goods are individuals, but they are not the customers of a logistics company, the customer is an online store. Now we do not plan to work with a wide range of individuals as clients of the company.

Natalia Alexandrovna, logistics is one of the most important areas of the economy. Give a couple of tips to those students who are currently studying at specialized universities. How they could be successful in this field?


Currently, logistics has become quite a popular field and it causes a great interest to young people, choosing their own path in life. It is great that now there are many programs available in universities for studying this specialty and students receive a very good basis of professional knowledge for further work. But of course, practice in our field is very important and it gives to young specialists an excellent experience of real solutions with logistics problems. Our company also cooperates with several universities and offers students a place of pre-graduate practice. We are very pleased that several students who have proven themselves well during their internship have already become interested in working in our company and after successfully defending their diplomas continue, their work with us as employees.

Plans for the 2nd half of 2021?

At the beginning of August, our company will host a significant event – a traditional Meeting of company managers, which is attended by all the heads of our regional offices, heads of business areas and departments of the company. At the meeting, we will discuss issues of both the current business and the company's development plans for the next three years. This year, the company "STS Logistics" turns 25 years old and we will certainly celebrate this important milestone with our entire friendly team. In the second half of the year, the logistics industry usually experiences a "high season", we are ready for it and will provide our customers with a solution to their logistics tasks and a high level of service.