Toyota has figured out how to supply auto parts to Russia.

What they had: The Japanese Toyota Corporation suspended deliveries from its automakers to Russia after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, explaining that the restrictions were imposed solely because of logistics problems. And in September 2022, the Japanese closed their Russian factory.

What now: the corporation has decided not to abandon its Russian customers one-on-one with their cars. Almost a year later, it resumed the supply of auto parts to Russia. However, only those who did not fall under the sanctions. And in case some part is on the sanctions list, the automaker has approved parallel imports for its official dealers. This was confirmed in the Russian "daughter" of the Toyota Motor company.

The process started at the end of 2022. For the general public, the concern announced that it had resumed direct deliveries of some spare parts for warranty repairs and elimination of defects. The list of specific parts varies depending on the delivery.

What prevents the Japanese from resuming supplies completely? The Russian representative office of the automaker assures that there is no geopolitics, it is only a matter of "serious disruption of logistics supply chains."

Perhaps, after Toyota, other automakers will now catch up. According to some reports, the company "Public Consumer Initiative" and Rospotrebnadzor are trying to achieve the resumption of deliveries of other foreign car manufacturers.

At the same time, Japanese cars against the background of a shortage of other brands and rising prices have become very popular with Russians. Imports of cars from the Land of the Rising Sun have almost doubled by the end of 2022.